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A Fun Hobby And Other Fun Things!

Hello everyone, my name is Anita and I am really in to autograph collecting for a hobby. On this site I will put what autographs I have, addresses I have used or if they were obtained in person. For those of you who are interested in autograph collecting, the best site to get your favorite celebrity autographs is at

None of the autographs I have are for sale or trade. In the future if I have any that are for sale, there will be a note next to the autograph and an asking for price but there are none at this time.

I do not currently have a scanner so I am using my camera phone. That's why all the pictures are crappy but once I get a scanner, hopefully that will be fixed. Hope you all enjoy!

IMPORTANT MESSAGE!!!! For those of you who want to contact me you can't just sign my guestbook asking me to email you and not leave me an address. Sorry guys I'm not magic.

Rules for this site.

1. Please don't print my autographs off from this site. They are mine and by printing them with out my permission you are stealing.

2. Please do not ask me for any celebrity email addresses.

3. Before you ask NO I do NOT just send people my autographs. All the autographs are mine unless I have a couple for sale but they are not free.

4. If you are looking for a celebrity address check the page.

5. And once again don't expect me to email you back with answers to your questions if you don't leave an email for me and PLEASE also make sure they are correct.

I have two other websites if you want to check them out.

And my Twilight and Harry Potter site: My goals site

Also If You Want, Check Out My Myspace!

Most recent success: 1/9/14 Robin Van Persie,  2/4/14